The National Bible Bee Game Show (Television)

72 young people are assembled in a contest hosted by Kirk Cameron showcasing Bible-verse memory and applied Bible study. With $260,000 in prize money, the field of contestants comes from participants in the annual National Bible Bee. Last year's first season of The National Bible Bee Game Show reached 80 million homes and broadcast globally on NRB Network, CTN and UPLIFT TV.

Alone Yet Not Alone (Film)

Released July 2015

A historical drama based on a true story, this full-length feature film recounts the faith and courage of a German-American immigrant family as they face hardship, loss and sorrow during the French and Indian War.

To Have And To Hold (Film)

Projected Release: TBA

A storybook fantasy, in an age of gallant chivalry, about a woman of unparalleled beauty and a man of unyielding courage. A timeless tale of romance and adventure.

Honor was their measure of wealth and faith was their source of strength. Together they embarked on a perilous journey and battled for true love. They vowed to love and to cherish, to honor and to protect, but above all,
To Have And To Hold.